Baby Webquest
1. Introduction: Congratulations! You and your partner just found out that you're preganant and are going to have a baby. Luckily you still have 34 weeks until your baby's expected arrival, so it's time to plan and figure out what you need to buy.
2. Task: Your task is to create a plan for all expenses for the first month of your child. Remember that initially, you will need to buy furniture and other one-time items for the baby which will make it an expensive month. There will also be other recurring items that will need to be purchased every month.
3. Process: Work with your partner to complete the chart titled "Things to buy for your baby". Discuss with your partner your overall strategy in shopping for items (disney, cartoon character, animals, expensive, inexpensive). Split up the list with your partner and use the following online stores to find all the items you need. You can shop at other stores if you choose.

Buybuy Baby
Burlington Coat Factory
Children's Place

4. Evaluation: Complete both sides of the handout
"Things to buy for your baby" Chart - 40 pts
"Having a baby - thinking critically" Worksheet - 20 pts
5. Conclusion: Hopefully, you have learned that having a baby requires a lot of resources. We just examined the financial needs for one month. We know that expenses continue as the child continues to grow and require the parents help to feed and clothe them. You can imagine there are other resources one must have as a parent as well - such as time, patience, emotional and physical stamina. Having a baby is an exciting time for any parent, but most people do not realize or anticipate all that it requires.