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8th Grade Science
8/21 1) What 3 things should be written at the start of class without being told?
2) How much talking is allowed at the start of class? 8/22 1) What needs to be done before the tardy bell rings?
2) List the 5 sections that need to be in your 3-ring folder.
8/23 1) Think of some experiments you've done in past years. List some steps that are common to every experiment.

8/26 1) What is a hypothesis?
2) Does it matter if your hypothesis turns out to be incorrect? Explain. 8/27 1) What are some resources you can use to "gather information" before doing an experiment? 2) When should you write a conclusion? 8/28 1) Describe some ways that you can record the result of an experiment. 8/29 1) Use dimensional analysis to find the number of years in 6832800 minutes.